Jakarta, February 26, 2013,- Land conflict again occurred in Pandumaan and Sipituhuta indigenous community, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia. The conflict broke out after eucalyptus re-planting activities by PT. TPL in Pandumaan and Sipituhuta indigenous territories. (25/2) This ongoing conflict is not a new case. The indigenous community has opposed the existence of PT. TPL since 2009. Indigenous peoples of Pandumaan and Sipituhuta strongly fight against the land grabbing activities on their territories. Up to now, 31 members of Pandumaan and Sipituhuta indigenous community have been arrested. This conflict leads to the rally of about 2000 indigenous peoples in Tano Batak region at Humbang Hasundutan Police Station. They urge the chief of Humbahas police resort to release the arrested members of Pandumaan and Sipituhuta community. Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nusantara (Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago) deeply regrets this incident and strongly condemns the arrests carried out by the security forces. PT. TPL and the security authorities must respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Panduman and Sipituhuta. Government of Indonesia shall take concrete action in addressing this conflict. Futhermore, AMAN urges the security authorities of Humbang Hasundutan to immediately release 31 members of Pandumaan and Sipituhuta indigenous community. Moreover, the security authorities must also prevent violence and prioritize peaceful ways in resolving this conflict.